Meet Jessie

Hi! It's me, Jessie!



I'm Jessie Walker and this is my story.

I'm a wife to Brad. We've been married for almost 7 years and have three beautiful kids, Eddie Bruce, Ruthie Mae and Albert Clyde. We moved to the Central Coast from Sydney, and have loved every minute! We built our first home, and love our little neighbourhood.

I've been a primary school teacher for quite a while now, and while I do enjoy teaching, I've been a stay at home mama since Eddie was born.


My mum always took photographs of us growing up, so I became very used to the camera and found I loved being behind it even more. She taught me everything, and took me along with her to weddings as her assistant photographer. 

Now, with my camera in one hand, dirty nappies in the other, I'm busy clicking away and capturing those special moments for others. And I love it! 

A picture tells a thousand words. I hope mine do just this.

Mwah! xoxo


Photo credit: Raw Image Photography

Edited by me

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